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Get things done

Use tasks to keep track of all your meeting actions. Assign owners and set due dates so that everyone knows what to do when walking out of a meeting.

Use task conversations to share status updates, ask questions and give feedback.

Review past meeting actions

Quickly get an overview of all meeting actions you've set out in past meetings.

Go through the list during your meeting, see what has been done, discuss the status of any open actions and re-prioritize if necessary.

Pick a view that works for you

Simply switch between a list view, kanban view, grid view and calendar view. Which one do you prefer?

Your personal ToDo list

Don't waste time scanning all your meeting minutes to find out what you need to do.

My Tasks gives you a single view of all tasks assigned to you across all your meetings and projects.

Tasks Delegated by Me shows you all tasks that you have created but delegated to other members. A single view to follow up on all your delegated tasks across all meetings and projects.

Extend your tasks

Extend your tasks with your own custom fields to keep track of extra information on your tasks.

Maybe you would like to add a number field representing the time required to complete a task. Or a choice field to link a task to a department such as sales, marketing or HR.

The possibilities are endless!

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