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Microsoft Teams & Tasks in a Box: better together

Microsoft Teams is the central hub for teamwork in Office 365. It allows you to keep your team's chats, files and apps together in one place.

Integrate Tasks in a Box in Microsoft Teams to help you and your team prepare your meetings, note down meeting notes & actions, and follow up on your progress.

Your meetings, streamlined

Tasks in a Box helps you frame the discussion, ensures things get done, and makes decisions clear. One place for all your meetings.

Collaborate on a common meeting agenda, set clear expectations and share relevant documents before a meeting starts.

Note down all important actions, assign owners and set due dates so that everyone knows what to do when walking out of a meeting.

Share meeting minutes with a single click and easily follow up on all meeting actions so nothing falls through the cracks.

Get your team involved

Add Tasks in a Box as a tab to your Teams channels and run your team and project meetings more efficiently:

  • Collaborate on a common meeting agenda
  • Take notes during your meetings and keep track of all actions so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Automatically share your meeting minutes with the whole team
  • Follow up on the progress of your meeting actions. Assign clear ownership, set due dates and keep your team informed with status updates.

How to use Tasks in a Box in your meeting flow?

All-in-one Meeting Management Platform

Tasks in a Box is a central meeting management hub that helps teams run their meetings more efficiently. Trusted by thousands of teams wordwide, Tasks in a Box is a user-friendly, powerful and affordable solution to streamline your meetings.

Get started today

Click to add a tab to any Teams channel, choose Tasks in a Box from the list, and follow the instructions to add Tasks in a Box as a tab.